Wednesday, February 27, 2013

We're Back!!!

Hey Larc followers!

What are you doing here?! Yeah, I know, we have been away for a while. You look great, did you change your hair? Of course we missed you, too! But, we've been busy. You know how life gets. But seriously, let's catch up some time. It was so good seeing you.

Okay, but for real. Larc has been pretty busy these past few months. We shot some music videos, filmed RAPTOR, a musical odyssey of epic proportions, and now we are working on a new film. The title is still in the works, but it's almost guaranteed not to let you down. Here are some pictures from our first weekend of shooting:

We'll keep updates coming on the facebook page as well as here, so keep your eyes peeled!

-Liz of Larc

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hello, my friend, hello...

Because who doesn't love a little Diamond first thing in the morning?

Anyway, Here are some updates going on with Larc Productions...

The BIG news is this.... Marc and I interview with the Buck County Courier Times this past week about BUMP and the New Hope Film Festival (July 8th at noon). The article covers how Marc and I first collaborated, what is in store for LARC, and other juicy details. The article runs Friday, July 6th. Be sure to check it out:

Also, we finally made a twitter account! So be sure to follow us. We're really easy to find: @LarcProductions

Art All Night was so much fun! Unfortunately, the room BUMP was screened in let in a lot of light, so it was nearly impossible to see the film. Oh well, win some lose some. "Grey Boys" was also featured along with 95 Productions's "Insomnolent". Got some great networking done; looks like there will be a music video in the near future! Thanks again to everyone who came out to support us :)

News for the summer includes....

We also have an idea for a Comic under our belt. We talk about it in detail on our Facebook page. Haven't liked us on Facebook yet? What is your deal!? Get on that...

Finally, we will be concentrating on shooting a Punk-Rock Opera musical written by Marc Dickerson. This will be a lot of fun. And totally mind blowing. So watch out.

Love you all,


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New Hope Screening Info

Looks like we have a time and date for the premiere of 'Bump' at the New Hope Film Festival. It will be showing on Sunday, July 8th at 12pm in the New Hope Arts Center. So mark your calendars! We'd love it for our friends and family to make it out for this. It should be a fun time and, hey, you get to spend a day in New Hope, so you'll have that goin' for ya. Hope to see you there, Marc

Friday, April 27, 2012

BUMP has won an award!!!

Hey everyone, we're excited to announce that our short film "Bump" is one of the winners of the Best Shorts competition Award of Merit.  We are very proud and excited.  Plus we get to put that seal up there.

"Bump" will be featured on the Best Shorts website within the next few days.

Check it out if you get a chance!  (It's really short...Come on, you got the time.  No?  Fair enough.  Well at least try.  Thanks bro.)



Monday, April 23, 2012


Hello all.

We heard back from one film festival in Philadelphia that Marc submitted to on a whim. Unfortunately, they declined to show "BUMP" at their festival. However, they did accept Marc's film, "Puppy Whistle"!!!

So congratulations to Marc and the cast and crew of Puppy Whistle :) Larc Productions are very excited for you. If you haven't seen Puppy Whistle, here it is for your view pleasure....

More updates on Larc to come...

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

WE'RE IN!!!!!

BUMP has been accepted into the New Hope Film Festival!!!

We received the official e-mail today and we couldn't be more ecstatic. This is the first (of hopefully many) film festivals we have heard back from. So you can only imagine the complete rapture and awe overcoming our lives in this very moment. Too much? NAHHHH.

WOW. I am so overjoyed, as is Marc. We worked so hard on this little six minute blip of a film, along with everyone else who was cooped up in my house for the entire weekend. So thank you's have to go out to everyone! Production to actors to extra's to best boy!

The festival runs July 6-15th. We're not sure which day our film will be screened but BELIEVE YOU ME.... you'll know as soon as we know. So keep up with the blog postings and tweets. And you better get your asses there to support us! Well, at least make an effort. That'd be nice.

Here is a link to the website: NEW HOPE FILM FESTIVAL

And I think it would only be appropriate to share the text my Grandpop sent me once I told him the news:


I think that sums it up.


Monday, March 5, 2012

MARC'S 1st BLOG POST FOR LARC!!!!!!!! (hope this works)


Marc here.  Marc of Larc.

So, this past Saturday was the night of the premiere for BUMP.  Johnny Ventriello, who plays Andrew in the movie, was gracious enough to have everyone in his basement so we could drink and watch it projected on the wall.

All in all, we had a great turnout and I would say it went pretty well.  The only critique most people gave was that they wish it was longer, or that we could have made a feature film out of it.  The way I look at it, if the worst thing about the film is that people want more, I can live with that.

Liz and I are going to get brainstorming this week on a new project (SPOILER:  We know it involves at least one scene in a coffee shop...)  So, MORE ON THAT TO COME.  Excited to make more creative things with muh part-na.

I regret not taking any photos of the premiere.  Instead, I hope you enjoy this photo I found when I typed "Bump premiere" in google: